SEO as a Business Tool for Start-Ups

So, you have a wonderful idea for a product or service that you want to put out there onto the market and you just know that the demand for it is almost infinite.  You’ve evaluated the competition and you are confident that there is space aplenty for what it is you are offering to an unsuspecting and hopefully grateful world. You have your finance in place, all your projections worked out, your business plan fine-tuned and you are ready for the big launch.  Your idea rolls off the production line, albeit maybe just a virtual one in your own creative consciousness, and suddenly it is out there for the waiting world to receive. And then…nothing.

It may seem like stating the obvious, but you could be offering the best product or service at the best price and on the best terms known to man, but if nobody knows it is out there then nobody is going to buy it.  You don’t need to be Alan Sugar to work that one out, it is one of the first rules of economics.

Direct Advertising versus Building a Permanent Presence

Of course the easiest and most obvious way to generate awareness about any new product is to advertise it.  Whether your budget extends to billboards along the Golden Mile or a double-page spread in one of the red-tops, or whether we are talking a hand-written postcard in the shop window at the local newsagent’s, the oldest and most natural way in which to make potential buyers aware of what it is you are selling is to advertise it.

But advertising is all about the short-term.  Or to put it another way, it is about getting a visual image or a jingle into somebody’s brain at the exact precise time that they happen to be contemplating spending some of their hard-earned.  But placing an advert is all about the here and now. Do it well and people will rush out to buy from you, but stop doing it and they will very soon forget that you exist and sales will decline and eventually grind to a halt once more.  Public awareness needs to watered regularly, like a pot plant, or else very soon it with wither and die.

SEO is the Building Block of a Long-Term Strategy

The trick is, while advertising for short-term success, to ensure that your brand name constantly suggests itself to potential buyers.  And the best way to achieve this in the modern day is by making sure your web presence is strong, which means ensuring that is prominent on all the major search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art which makes all this possible.  By including popular keywords in a natural and organic way amid your web content and by regularly updating your textual output with high quality material you ensure that your publicity material will be regularly seen and accessed by those whom you hope will go on to become your customers.