Tell Your Story

Sometimes building a blog can sound much easier than it actually is.   So, we’re experts in business – especially start-up – and we want to share our knowledge with budding young (or not so young) entrepreneurs, to help them to sidestep some of the pitfalls which we encountered all those years ago when we first ventured forth.  But on a practical level – how to keep it interesting, relevant, vibrant, readable?

There are only so many ways of giving the same advice.  Perhaps what would assist us in our efforts would be to know how our advice has been taken, and how things have worked out for those who took the plunge.  Looking and considering the experiences of those who have succeeded is probably the most useful way of charting a way forward for those who still at that vulnerable and volatile start-up stage.

It is for this reason that we encourage contributions from other business people, whether they are just starting out or whether they have already achieved some success.  We want to hear fresh perspectives, anecdotes, words of advice and even notes of caution, and of pitfalls to be avoided. With your help this blog can in time become a veritable encyclopedia of entrepreneurial information and guidance from which everyone can potentially benefit.

Send In Your Contribution and We’ll Publish It

With well over 120,000 visitors annually, The Open Enterprise blog can provide you with a large and receptive audience for your work.  Not only will you benefit from exposure to large volumes of traffic within your niche area, leading to more clicks and visits, but you also receive an authoritative backlink in the process.  Plus of course the recognition you achieve from associating your name with your contribution (of course, if you wish to withhold your name and have your item published anonymously we are fine with this also).

What we want then ideally is short to medium length articles, written in simple blog style, which we can integrate seamlessly into the website.  These should be in the region of between 500 and 750 words if at all possible, and of course should be relevant to the whole subject of building a start-up business.  Whilst we do, needless to say, reserve the right to correct typos or remove inappropriate content, we will do what we can to ensure that any interference with your work is kept to a minimum.  It is your platform.

Some Possible Themes for Blog Items

The possibilities when it comes to subject matter are endless, but here are just a few suggestions that you may wish to consider:

  • Sourcing funding for your start-up business
  • Networking with other local entrepreneurs
  • Self-marketing as the ultimate business tool
  • Understanding tax matters
  • Utilising the latest software for keeping records and charting progress
  • Using market research to understand your customer base
  • The pros and cons of engaging a Virtual PA
  • How currency fluctuations can make an impact on your profits