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Business advice comes in a whole host of forms and with a whole range of meanings.  As a concept it can refer to anything from business consultancy, where a team of experts will penetrate an entire organisation from top to bottom performing root and branch surgery to streamline the operation, to a friendly word of advice at the local Chamber of Commerce power breakfast from someone who knows a thing or two about running their own concern.

In many respects the most challenging time for a business can be at the very beginning.  On the first day came the idea, and all was hopeful and brimming with enthusiasm. Then, following closely behind, the realisation that there would be a whole plethora of forms, tax matters, personnel problems and stock issues to negotiate before a single product has been sold or service provided.

Failure in commerce is more than an occupational hazard, it can be a near inevitability if the correct procedures are not followed at the onset before the show can be put onto the road.  Getting all the ducks in a row at the start prevents confusion and chaos from descending upon your embryonic project at just the time when you need to be concentrating on developing your vision.

The Open Enterprise Team

Jeff Perry, James Dunphe and Samantha Cane are three young people with a strong reputation within the industry for entrepreneurial flair and innovative thinking.  Their success in business is the stuff of legend, with an ever-expanding portfolio of successful ventures and projects. It is a reasonable assumption that they know a thing or two about getting started, about making the first tentative steps towards building a thriving company and circumventing the obstacles which most new business people encounter during the early stages of their work.

It is a reputation which has won them rewards within the industry, and a name amongst the business community as go-getters in a highly-charged and competitive world.  There is probably no-one better to offer advice to newcomers in the field.